Den's Story - A Tale of Two Mothers 

Den was born in a refugee camp when her mother was fleeing the Cambodian genocide. She shares the story of her mother's determination to provide for the family and her own unexpected journey into motherhood. 

This video was produced at the New York Film Academy and the background music is my composition “Heading To Dreamland”.

Wonderful Video Titled “VOICE for the VOICELESS” Featuring my Piano Composition “Now The Silence” 

I am very pleased to see that my piano composition “Now The Silence” has been used as background music for this wonderful video titled “VOICE for the VOICELESS”. The message of the video is wonderful: 

The lives of our animals are determined and affected by our actions. They do not get a say or a voice in any of it. It’s up to us to speak for them and give a VOICE for the VOICELESS. 

Written, produced & directed by Bankitkupar Lyngdoh Ryntathiang.


Beautiful Animated Tale Featuring my Composition “Luz de Luna” 

The YouTube channel TSP Animation has created this lovely animated tale featuring my composition “Luz de Luna” as part of the background music. 

Bobby wants to be like the others. He wants to be able to fly like the waterbirds he sees but to do that he has to find his element. After failing to become a waterbird, in his despair, Bobby unknowingly walks into the ashen wastelands and accidentally falls into the lava. What will become of him?