Beautiful Drone Video of Moose Country in Western Newfoundland by Canadian Videographer Hans-Steffen Lindner Featuring My Composition 'Sands of Time'

I was privileged to do a new collaboration with the canadian videographer Hans-Steffen Lindner. He has used my composition ‘Sands of Time’ as the background music for this beautiful video filmed with a drone showcasing the early morning mist in Moose Country (Western Newfoundland). 

Hans-Steffen explains: 

“I took this video early October of 2021; however, I didn’t come around to finish it off until now. I was very lucky to run into a cow and her calf. The mist gave a beautiful mysteries atmosphere by rolling between mountains in the valley. Once the sun started to burn away the morning frost the pure beauty of nature could be felt.  I hope I managed to capture and show this particular beautiful moment in nature to you. I hope you enjoy it and share it with your family and friends. 

To accompany this beautiful footage of a misty morning moose country I was privileged to use another song by Juan Sánchez, ‘Sands of Time’. I feel it goes particular with the footage; it gives the same atmosphere I was experiencing when I was there”.