New Single 'Rita's Christmas Song'

‘Rita’s Christmas Song’ was created from a short piano melody that my mother composed years ago dedicated to Christmas. She loved these dates. She used to play the main melody on the piano but she never finished the piece, I really liked that little melody from that unfinished piece. 

My mother passed away a few years ago and every year during the Christmas season, I remember this melody and although I always decided to finish the piece, I never did it until this year when Javier Bedoya, the presenter of the spanish music podcast ‘LostFrontier’, proposed me to compose a Christmas piece for the annual Christmas CD, the LostFrontier's popular Christmas Sampler. 

I was delighted to accept his proposal and saw it as an opportunity to finish my mother's piece. For this song, I have also had the collaboration of the fantastic spanish guitarist and composer Jose Luis Serrano Esteban with some beautiful guitar arrangements created and played by him.