My Album “Now The Silence” is Candidate for Best Classical Music Album in Spain but I Need Your Votes!!

My album “Now The Silence” is a candidate for Best Classical Music Album at the MIN 2021 Awards in Spain, which are the national independent music awards. 

If you want to help me and vote for me, the process is as follows: 

It is very easy, you just have to register on the page that I attach here: 

Once registered and confirmed in your email, access your account on the awards page and the option to vote will appear. 

You will have several nominations, I am in the Best Classical Album category. 

The candidatures are arranged in alphabetical order so you will find me very easy by my name Juan Sánchez 

You can only vote for five in each candidacy by checking the white box before the name. 

Once chosen, click to “votar” (vote now) on blue and it will take you down where it says to vote in big and blue too, press the blue button and congratulations, you have voted correctly. 

Voting is until May 4 and it is done much faster on a computer. 

Thank you all for your support!