Review of the Album "Rebirth" By Juan Sánchez Written by Steve Sheppard from One World Music Radio

The art in creating fluent and descriptive contemporary music is to manifest something from the heart that literally speaks to another’s, on this latest offering by Juan Sánchez the artist has done just that, and quite emotively as well. 

Our first tentative steps are gloriously portrayed with a delicate hesitance by a stunning first ambient offering; Rebirth has all the hall marks of a moving cinematic piece, one that is bathed with such a tenderness of spirit and newness in its energies and extremely beautiful in its own way. 

The album is described as piano with instrumentation, but it is much more, listen to the careful refrains of the track Beto and enjoy its tender string sections that seem to paint a layer of softness into the proceedings, here is a track that is as charming as a new spring flower and twice as delicate and incredibly fluent in its attractiveness. 

On Heading to Dreamland we are gifted something quite moving and personal, the softness of a good sleep is felt, the warmth of the pillow and the lure of a warm quilt, the surroundings lead us into dreamtime, where guided by this quite colourful musical narrative, we are blessed with a moment of symphonic magic as our soundtrack of the event. 

There is a slight elevation of energy and excitement within this next offering that is truly inspiring and fascinating, it is called Peaceful Places. Sánchez has indeed succeeded in manifesting something here that is certainly tranquil and quite meditative in the process, but a piece that at all times retains the overall essence of calmness within its construction. 

The deepness of performance within this next track is blissful; it’s called Beautiful Rose, the solo piano version. There is a good deal of passion to be found within this piece, but again, still a composition that retains its original concept of ambience, but adds to that a delightful layer of melody and charm in a performance that is truly empowering and flourishing. 

The next piece is the second part of the preceding composition and called Beautiful Rose the string quartet version, one can with ease enjoy the lighter refrains of the offering; the string sections are perfectly in balance with the main flow of the piece and deliver to us a smooth and tranquil moment of musical magic. 

As we approach the latter part of the album we come across a really interesting and fascinating musical narrative entitled All of Us. The main theme of the album continues to run through this piece, but again there is a depth to this offering that is really well played, a composition that around its musical edges has a real measure of sensitivity about its construction as well; this is one of my favourite tracks off the release. 

Our penultimate piece is a song called Arctic Solitude, a composition that ushers in a truly marvellous offering of neo classical proportions, which I believe is where this album should lay its head genre wise, one of the fastest growing in the industry at the moment. The music however depicts a sparse frozen landscape, and the mournfulness of this piece makes this the perfect soundtrack for this location. 

So, the last doorway of the album and it is called Silent Tears, a moving opus indeed, one that ends the album in the perfection with which it was started. The performance on piano here is crafted and well worked, and thus manifests for us all a mood of emotive brilliance, and of course a great way to leave what in all honesty is a really good album. 

Rebirth by Juan Sánchez is a real second chance of a release, from ambience to the neo classical and a mixture of both styles can be found here, and that is perfect because it is beautifully done. Sánchez literally plays with his heart and soul on his sleeve with this release and this openness of musical spirit has gifted to us something new, fresh, and quite entrancing, and one that I have no problem at all recommending.

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