REBIRTH has to be one of those releases that you can throw on, keeping it left on repeat for endless amounts of times. Never ever getting forgetful of it at all. You would rather likely want more and surely Juan Sánchez will deliver as such, in the coming future on his next release that will capture that same type of essence just as this album has done already. It is beautiful.”

Natalie’s World

Juan Sánchez’s ‘Rebirth’ will carry you on a beautiful journey inside your feelings and deeper thoughts. Very few artists have the gift of truly connect with their listeners and Juan Sánchez’s music creates a thread of emotions that will lead you to a dreamy state of pleasure and introspection. This album is food for your soul. If you love the music of Ludovico Einaudi and Max Richter you cannot miss Juan Sánchez album REBIRTH!”

Planet Singer Blog

Leading with fascinating instrumental effect, along with multilayered synths, the album ‘Rebirth’ by Juan Sánchez is something that is pretty hard to let go of. Soul-soaking ambiances, melodically soothing, and rhythmically satisfying – a boldly calming music project that portrays fascinating instrumentation; ‘Rebirth’ has literally given birth to new age instrumental effects, leading to the enchantment of the listeners.”

Daily Music Roll Magazine

This album (Rebirth) truly personifies the title as each track feels like a journey into a dream-like state of solitude as the music expertly guides your emotions through the musical story of each piece. The album contains nine tracks that each have a unique compositional arrangement that makes every piece stand out as an individual work to be enjoyed, as well as amalgamating to form a wonderful album. If you are a fan of compositional music or you appreciate beautiful works of musical art, this album is definitely for you.”


REBIRTH gives you smart, sophisticated recordings but Juan Sánchez has a way of connecting with people on a higher level. Through the music, this Barcelona artist is able to tap into the human spirit and relate with many people out there. The songs are tranquil and will put you in a restful state allowing a person to ease their mind, body and soul. ‘Rebirth’ is soothing to say the least and I personally can’t wait to check out more material from this dynamic composer/pianist. Juan Sánchez has arrived!”

Jimmy Rae (Skope Mag)

Juan Sánchez embraces an impressionistic blurred beauty with his lovely “Rebirth”. Keeping things to the absolute essentials the whole of the album feels completely joyful. With only a piano and lilting strings he paints lovely portraits. Reminiscent of Debussy’s and Chopin’s works, the lovely works simply wash over the listener. On a more contemporary note, Juan nicely references Max Richter’s compositional style. Full of passion he embraces an emotional core. Little flutters, flourishes of keys merge into a singular unified whole. Every suite works wonders on its own but when the album is taken in as an overarching journey it becomes truly magical.”

Beach Sloth

REBIRTH is Juan Sánchez playing out his ambitions; everything is cohesive and emotionally riveting, making for an album of compositions that can rival some of the best from the genre in recent years in the piano movement.”

Jacob Aiden (JamSphere Magazine)

It’s music for the self, but it’s also music to be shared, and that very juxtaposition is a big part of what makes it connect so profoundly. Stunning. A genuinely mighty and special collection of original compositions.”

Rebecca Cullen (Stereo Stickman)

Sometimes you are presented with music which is just so pure, so beautiful in its natural state that you stop and realise that some times the simple things in life are the most rewarding. And so it is with ‘Rebirth’.”

Dave Franklin (Dancing About Architecture)

Introspective inspirational solo piano beauty Juan Sánchez’s – “REBIRTH”: All the way from Barcelona, Spain, comes some of the most introspective and inspirational solo piano beauty you will hear this year.”

Dick Metcalf (Contemporary Fusion Reviews)

Juan Sánchez’s debut album, the etheric and beautiful, REBIRTH, not only ranks among our favorites, but it did so in one pass—a single listen.”

The Ark Of Music

Audio Review for Juan Sánchez' album "rebirth" by Steve Sheppard from One World Music Radio