2021 Hollywood Music in Media Awards Nominee for the composition “Le Grand Bleu” in the  New Age/Ambient music category.

Piano & Cello Livestreaming Candlelight Experience (January 21rst 2022 at 8PM/USA 14PM/EST 2:00PM)

Rosazul Studio (Barcelona)

I am pleased to announce that in January 21rst 2022 at 8PM Spanish time (USA 14PM/EST 2:00PM), I will be performing a live candlelight piano and cello concert together with the spanish cellist Iratxe Ibaibarriaga at Rosazul Studio in Barcelona.

For those of you who are living abroad, there’s also the option to watch the concert via livestreaming. We want to offer a unique musical and sensorial experience created by the stunning ambience of candlelight. This will be an exclusive one-hour concert in which we will perform pieces composed by myself which can be found on my three albums “Rebirth”, “Now The Silence” and on my latest album “Touch & Sound”.

You can watch the video shown above to get an exact idea of the type of livestream experience you will get in terms of image and audio quality.

What if you couldn't connect on the day of the livestream concert? Can you watch the concert at another time?

Yes, if you completed the purchase process for this livestream concert but could not see it on time, no worries, just drop me an e-mail at juansanchez@runbox.com and I will reply back with a link where you will be able to watch the video of the concert at your own convenience.

The price for this livestream experience is 8.5 Euros. Once you have placed the order you will receive your digital ticket and the login instructions for the event.

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