The landscape of music today is really about finding your mojo — one that is unique to your style, music, and career. This is exactly what Juan Sánchez did with album “Rebirth,” and this is the foundation of his breakthrough as a musician — a feat all musicians strive for. In an interview, Juan Sánchez shares some of the advice and strategies that got him where he is today — living comfortably as a successful musician. These are valuable insights from an exemplary musician, and they could be incorporated into your music career from now on.”

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Juan Sánchez is an exceptional composer, pianist, and music producer who has taken the world by storm with his outstanding compositions just a short while ago. With his stellar music album ‘Rebirth', Juan Sánchez experienced a real reincarnation from the old life and that is masterfully depicted in each track of the album.”

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In March of 2019, Juan Sánchez took the leap of faith his whole life had been leading up to, and released the single ‘Rebirth’ on Spotify and other music streaming platforms. The response was undeniable. People everywhere began adding it to their public and personal playlists, praising it, and hungrily asking for more.”

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You have to believe in yourself and your skillset. Take Juan Sánchez as the perfect example, his name has become a common household name as latest album “Rebirth” has more than 800.000 streams on Spotify. However, a few years ago no one knew anything about this aspiring musician as he dedicated six years of constructing his trade. He believed in himself and his music, this is exactly why he has now signed with many different record labels. ”

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With the right mindset and tips, you can easily learn the basics and, with constant practice, become a piano legend. Every renowned musician had to start somewhere and build their career from there. One example is Juan Sánchez; just a few years ago, this musician did not get a breakthrough but now he is highly revered as a pianist. His music is also being incorporated as background scores and, most prominently, would be found on informational videos made on the subject of COVID-19.”

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Music and nature are definitely a lethal-combo when it comes to stress-relievers, and together: their power doubles. Realizing this very fact, Juan Sánchez, a Barcelona-based pianist, and composer have started uploading mystic videos on his YouTube channel, combing the splendor of music and grandeur of scenery to take you on an invigorating journey that is sure to make you feel elevated. What makes these videos all more archetypal is the music that plays in the background. The maven pianist uses all his own distinct classical/ambient style; piano focused theme for the background track, that is breathtaking and sensational.”

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