With 'Now The Silence', Juan Sánchez has quietly set about, not by conscious design, building one of the best under-the-radar composer driven albums I have personally reviewed in a longtime thanks to the consistently high quality of his work and the growth which is clearly evidenced. 'Now The Silence' is certainly an album which should up there amongst one of the best releases for 2020. If you are a fan of good music, this album will be in one of your repeat classic playlists. We are excited to hear what’s next for Juan Sánchez but for now, he has taken what was an incredible period worldwide and turned it into a classic piece of art.”

The National Post British Newspaper

Juan Sánchez is back on the scene with yet another masterful piano release. His new studio work is titled “Now The Silence” and it showcases a distinctive approach to melodies and arrangement, defining Juan’s style in a very unique way. Hailing from Barcelona, this talented composer and musician managed to create a sound that feels incredibly personal and expressive, often blurring the lines between different aesthetics and genre definitions, but still staying true to his mood and intention as a pianist and music composer in the contemporary neoclassical wave. Ultimately, this is a fantastic album, in which the piano takes the leadership role, adorned by other beautiful instruments, such as strings and other ambient sounds. I would definitely recommend this to any fan of beautifully contemplative instrumental music.”

Review of the album “Now The Silence” by TheBandCampDiaries music blog

Long-time favorite and categorically one of our generation’s most compelling and inspiring creatives – Juan Sánchez explores the topically relevant impact of enforced solitude and quiet time with this superb and aptly titled album “Now The Silence”. This album, as much so as silence itself, provides a powerful catalyst for reflecting on precisely these aspects of existence. It puts the breaks on, so to speak, and allows us time to breath, to cry, to be grateful. Undoubtedly a stand-out project from this tumultuous year – and one well worth checking back in with throughout the years to come. ”

Rebecca Cullen (Stereo Stickman Music Blog)