1. Rebirth
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What’s included in the 10 Euros price for this track?

+ You are a content creator (YouTuber, streamer, vlogger, video editor, etc) and you cannot credit Juan Sánchez in your project.

+ You are a company that wants to use Juan Sánchez’s music commercially.

+ You want to support the musical career of Juan Sánchez

The 10 Euros price includes the use of the music for the following:

Websites, Short Films, Product Videos, Wedding Videos, Animations, Podcasts, Indie Video Games, Mobile Apps, Ads on social platforms, Videos for school or University projects. Stores, Shopping Malls, Bars, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Gyms, Events, Fairs, Indie Festivals. National/Regional News, Double-A or Triple-A Video Games, Commercials or TV or Radio Programs, Series.

What will you receive?

Files will be available for download at checkout in high quality WAV format and delivered digitally to the email provided.


+ The license gives you permission to use the song in a synchronized audio-visual composition, no resale of the song in isolation is allowed; nor is the creation of a derivative song that is subsequently recorded and distributed.

+ Licenses purchased are valid for one project only. If you wish to use the music in another project, you must purchase an additional license.

+ You cannot register the song in a distribution service (Spotify, Itunes, etc) or copyright identification service (YouTube or Facebook Content-ID system).


Contact Juan Sánchez at juansanchez@runbox.com