1. Le Grand Bleu

From the recording Touch & Sound (Album)

“Le Grand Bleu” is a composition about a french film I saw back in 1988 entitled ‘The Big Blue’ (‘Le Grand Bleu’ in French). A captivating film directed by Luc Besson about the free diving world that features gorgeous underwater photography and spectacular location shooting in the French Antibes, the Greek islands, Peru, and Taormina in Sicily. But it is the emotional intensity of the film experience and mystical themes of the story that have made it a cult phenomenon.

The film's undersea footage has a powerful otherworldly quality, much as if it were unfolding in outer space, as indeed it might be. It really shows how vast the ocean really is. But when it gets under the ocean water the scenery changes dramatically. The unique underwater world is both beautiful or dangerous but very magical as well. It's almost like floating in endless space.