New Song "Tierra de los Sueños" Featuring Soprano Kirine

‘Tierra de los Sueños’ is the result of a collaboration between the talented soprano Kirine, the fantastic lyricist and poet 119Misarkia and me. Here is the story about this collaboration: 

Last November 2021, I received a message on Instagram from an artist named 119Misarkia, he is an spanish poet and lyricist who writes beautiful poems and lyrics inspired by the music he listens from different musical artists. He told me that he was very inspired to write a poem titled ‘Tierra de los Sueños (Land of Dreams)’ while he was listening to my piano composition ‘Heading to Dreamland’ and he sent a video where he was reciting the poem in spanish over this composition. 

I quickly felt in love with the sensitivity of these lyrics and I thought that it would be a great idea to convert them into a completed song so I contacted the amazing soprano Kirine and she created and sang a beautiful melodic vocal line accompanied with ethereal background chorals also created by her. Her husband who is a fantastic sound engineer also got involved with the final mixing of these vocals with my piano composition. 

I am really happy with the final result of this collaboration and I hope that you like it too.