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Piano Music with Nature YouTube Playlist 

I have started uploading a series of videos on his YouTube channel showcasing nature scenery with my music playing in the background. Each video is related to one type of nature scenery (i.e: oceans, mountains, skies, etc..) while one of my compositions is playing in the background. 

The idea behind this series of videos is that while I get a chance to get my music heard by a wider audience, I also provide listeners with beautiful landscapes of our natural world in the hope to awaken a sense of awe and appreciation for our earth.   

Our natural world is alive with beauty and wonder. It is important for our peace of mind and our enthusiasm for life to love the world we live in and care for the earth and all living things. I hope that these videos will awaken a sense of awe and appreciation for our earth so that we can live in greater harmony with it. 

Juan Sánchez

Click here to watch the full YouTube playlist