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Wonderful Video Titled “VOICE for the VOICELESS” Featuring my Piano Composition “Now The Silence” 

I am very pleased to see that my piano composition “Now The Silence” has been used as background music for this wonderful video titled “VOICE for the VOICELESS”. The message of the video is wonderful: 

The lives of our animals are determined and affected by our actions. They do not get a say or a voice in any of it. It’s up to us to speak for them and give a VOICE for the VOICELESS. 

Written, produced & directed by Bankitkupar Lyngdoh Ryntathiang.


Beautiful Animated Tale Featuring my Composition “Luz de Luna” 

The YouTube channel TSP Animation has created this lovely animated tale featuring my composition “Luz de Luna” as part of the background music. 

Bobby wants to be like the others. He wants to be able to fly like the waterbirds he sees but to do that he has to find his element. After failing to become a waterbird, in his despair, Bobby unknowingly walks into the ashen wastelands and accidentally falls into the lava. What will become of him?

New Piano Composition “Le Grand Bleu” Featuring Soprano Kirine 

I am pleased to present my latest composition “Le Grand Bleu” featuring the beautiful voice of Soprano Kirine.

“Le Grand Bleu” is a composition about a french film I saw back in 1988 entitled ‘The Big Blue’ (‘Le Grand Bleu’ in French). A captivating film directed by Luc Besson about the free diving world that features gorgeous underwater photography and spectacular location shooting in the French Antibes, the Greek islands, Peru, and Taormina in Sicily. But it is the emotional intensity of the film experience and mystical themes of the story that have made it a cult phenomenon. 

The film's undersea footage has a powerful otherworldly quality, much as if it were unfolding in outer space, as indeed it might be. It really shows how vast the ocean really is. But when it gets under the ocean water the scenery changes dramatically. The unique underwater world is both beautiful or dangerous but very magical as well. It's almost like floating in endless space.

Latest Video For The "Lights Dimmed & Soft Live Piano" YouTube Video Series 

I have made the following new video for the "Lights Dimmed & Soft Live Piano" YouTube video series where I am playing my piano composition “Ataraxia”. 

“Ataraxia” is a beautiful Spanish word that refers to a state of mind that is characterized by tranquility and the total absence of desires or fears. The concept of ataraxia is to achieve mental peace and happiness impossible to alter by controlling positive and negative emotions.

Beautiful Drone Video of Modigliani (Italy) Featuring my Piano Composition “Now The Silence” 

The YouTuber Marco Alpi has filmed the italian commune of Modigliani this winter with a drone and the images are really beautiful. He has used my piano composition “Now The Silence” as background music. 

Modigliana is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Forlì-Cesena in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna, located about 50 kilometres southeast of Bologna and about 20 kilometres southwest of Forlì. When the village is covered with a white cloak, the atmosphere becomes magical as you can see in the video.

New Ambient Piano Composition “When Daybreak Comes” 

“When Daybreak Comes” is a piano piece about the stillness of the dawn. There is something special about the stillness of the early morning; I can’t quite put it into words so, for me, music is one of the best ways to express emotion without using words. 
“In the morning stillness, when the world is just waking up and your conscious mind hasn't fully taken over, you may feel a connection or passageway to another world, and a feeling that something is about to happen in yours. It's like a quiet storm is coming. You can feel the distant rumble of thunder on the horizon, yet you have no idea of the deluge your life is about to experience.” - Padma Lakshmi