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New Piano Composition "Ataraxia" Released 

I have released a new Ambient/Calm piano composition titled "Ataraxia".

“Ataraxia” is a beautiful Spanish word that refers to a state of mind that is characterized by tranquility and the total absence of desires or fears. The concept of ataraxia is to achieve mental peace and happiness impossible to alter by controlling positive and negative emotions.

New Beautiful short film featuring my piano composition “Rebirth” 

Sarah Thirkell is a young gymnast from Canada. She is very passionate about film-making, photography, fitness, art and personal growth and she shares her passions to the world through her wonderful YouTube channel. 

Sarah has made this short film titled “18 Lessons I Learned in 18 Years” where she shares the lessons that she values the most which she has absorbed over her past 18 years of life here on Earth. 

I am very pleased she has used my piano composition “Rebirth” as background music for this beautiful short film.

New Ambient piano composition "Where Are They Now?" featuring cellist Daniel Frankhuizen 

What happens to us after we die? Human beings have been asking that great, big matzo ball of an existential question since we stood upright. Why does the question of what happens after we die, well, haunt us so much? Some people say that you are not only your body but you are also your soul. After the death of your body, your soul lives on in a world beyond the physical world. 

This composition titled “Where Are They Now?” is dedicated to the afterlife great mystery.

Three of my compositions have been included in the “Sleep Meditation” compilation album released by the Oclassica music label 

My compositions “Very Young Old Man”, “Idyllic” and “Peaceful Places” have been included in the fantastic Sleep Meditation compilation album of relaxing classical music released by the established Oclassica music label. The compilation also features music of classical composers such as Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff and others. Big thanks to the Oclassica label for the fantastic work they are doing on supporting modern classical music composers.